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Man hit by boat propellers while swimming in Lake Havasu

Authorities said the driver mistakenly left the boat in reverse, causing it to reverse into a man swimming in the lake.

MOHAVE COUNTY, Ariz. — A man suffered significant injuries after he was struck multiple times by a boat propeller while swimming in the north of Lake Havasu in Mohave County Saturday.

Several people got into the water after their boat became stuck in a shallow part of the river, the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said. The boat's occupants were able to get the boat into deeper water by pushing it.

Once the boat was in deeper water, the driver started reversing. Officials said the driver thought the boat was in neutral but mistakenly left the boat in reverse.

The boat reversed into a man who was swimming nearby, striking him in the abdomen several times with the propellers and causing significant lacerations.

The man was immediately pulled from the water and onto the boat where he was taken to the Lake Havasu State Park Launch Ramp. He was then transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Officials said inexperience appears to be a factor in the incident but impairment is not suspected.

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