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Keep Your Family Safe 

Why PropGuard?

Prop Guard does just what it says: It's a propeller guard that keeps your friends & family safe, but can also prevent propeller damage.


PropGuard is designed to outlast and provide more protection than any other boat propeller guard on the market. The 16” boat propeller guard with our patented octagon ring design will fit on most outboards, and sterndrives from 70 HP to 250 HP. The propeller guard is manufactured from the highest quality aluminum and stainless steel. 


The Octagon Ring prevents cavitation in the turns, and prevents propeller strikes in both forward and reverse.  The Hex Shield opens and trails the boat in forward motion to reduce drag. When in reverse the prop guard shield closes, keeping most objects and marine life from propeller strikes. 


We all know accidents happen. PropGuard allows you PEACE OF MIND knowing that your friends and family are safe from that spinning boat propeller.

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